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« With a generous specification, Sitebuilder, 1-click installer, FREE SSL (worth £35) and advanced control panel, UK2 Business Web Hosting is all you'll need to manage your online business. Take advantage of our fantastic special offer. »


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Comment from: kevin Fitzmaurice-Brown [Visitor]

kevin Fitzmaurice-Brown
1 stars

I used this company a few years ago and discovered to my horror and considerable cost they are nothing but a shower of crooks. They then sold out to Lloyds bank ! Beware this company at all costs.

21/04/15 @ 13:48

Comment from: Adam Smith [Visitor]

Adam Smith
5 stars

I have first noticed UK2 on b2evolution so I bought my web hosting package. I got to admit I was bit wary of how things would pan-out but with the right help I was able to setup my first website. I am a happy bunny!

27/08/14 @ 13:27

Comment from: [Member]

Mark Wingrove

I have used UK2 for many years, this year however they have seriously let me down. I used UK2 to host my domain, the hosting side was ok, but not a great deal compared to say HostPapa who I also use. Over the course of the past 9 months I found that on a few occasions that mail was being filtered out by UK2 without my consent. I had not set up any filtering as UK2 basically relayed it to another mail account, so they were not even storing it. If you are reliant on generating business via email and the web you cannot afford to have precious leads filtered out by your service provider. That happened to me on three occasions. On the last occasion I moved everything away from UK2.

When discussing this with the technical support it was clear to me that they did not have a good handle on exactly what they were doing on their end. I suspect that they used some automated filtering based on blacklists, but perhaps did not fully realise what they were doing or the implications of it. I asked several times for all filtering to be turned off. Despite assurances it continued to happen. While UK2 claimed that mail was not being delivered because it originated from blacklisted sites (those that have potentially sent spam at some time), I could receive those mails on my Yahoo account, GMail account, Hotmail account & my Hostpapa accounts etc etc. But not on my primary UK2 account.

These guys used to be great a few years back, not sure what has happened to them this year. I don’t rely on them any more, and I was with them for around 10 years.

25/10/12 @ 20:02

Comment from: Nigel Wood [Visitor]

Nigel Wood
1 stars

Shows a Typo3 logo on sales page but this needs php version 5.3 or higher and their servers show php version 5.2 so Typo3 wont run on these servers until they update.

05/08/12 @ 23:26

Comment from: Paul Holroyd [Visitor]

Paul Holroyd
3 stars

Slow to respond to issues at times. Some technical support staff don’t have a clue and will often blame the volumes of traffic (80k daily hits is not a lot) and/or the number of sites hosted (8 on an unlimited plan) for the fault.

02/11/11 @ 14:28

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