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This section is where you can manage and configure the settings of how and what the File Browser will display.

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Warning: The following assumes you have administrative access to the Windows server where b2Evolution is served from and that the Task Scheduler service is enabled. These instructions are valid for Windows Server 2000 and 2003. They will probably work…

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To give an example, here is a question from the forum: ‘’Is there any way that I could add something so it shows as:'’ Day 331 of Week 48 Wednesday November, 28 2007 This is the answer: ‘’Find your skin, crack open ind…

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The default [[Permalink|permalinks]] in b2evolution look something like:<br /> <nowiki>http://www.yoursite.com/blogs/index.php?title=post_title&c=1&tb=1&pb=1&more=1</nowiki> You can change this behavior to something c…

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Many users would like to just add a flag for their country, even if they don't use a localized version for their language. Here's how to proceed: Find the ISO 3166 code for your country. Let's assume it is XY. Find a flag for your country an…

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Linkblog (Post)
What is a linkblog? A linkblog is a simple way to add content to the sidebar of your regular blog without having to change any skin files or add any content manually. The linkblog is actually just a regular blog which gets inserted into the sidebar of y…

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This page explains how to create a MySQL database if your web host is OVH. If the contents of this page don’t make sense, start with the Installation Guide first. The screenshots are in French because OVH is mostly used in France. 0) Open the OVH…

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[Es] [Nl] This page applies to b2evo 0.9 In the MainTemplate, before or after where the post content is displayed, add the following code: Posted by: <?php $Item->Author->prefered_name(); ?> If you want to link to all the posts of a certain au…

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Send to subscribers of: : each campaign must be sent to the subscribers of a specific newsletter Currently selected recipients: : this is the number of people who are currently subscribed to the selected newsletter After additional filter: : here you…

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b2evolution 6.4.1 uses HTML 5 semantic tags in the Skin API v6 by default. This page explains how the tags are used on b2evolution skins v6. IMPORTANT: these tags are for semantic markup. Imagine you are blind and you listen to an audio screen-reader.…

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b2evolution will automatically add social media meta tags to certain Disps. At this time the following tags can be inserted (example): This includes Opengraph tags for facebook and tags for Twitter Cards. Facebook Sharing debugger:…

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When you look at your b2evolution's Analytics Tab, you may see a huge increase of traffic like this:

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This widget displays links to the RSS and/or Atom feeds for Post and/or Comments of the current collection.

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There are several permissions involved: The user needs to be in a group that has at least View permissions for "Files" (to browse files) or Add/Upload permissions for uploading (see the Users & Groups tab) Additionally, the user needs to…

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This man page refers to b2evolution 0.9.2 Let's assume you have a default installation of b2evolution: Blog All can be accessed through index.php?blog=1 Blog A can be accessed through index.php?blog=2 Blog B can be accessed through index.p…

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License b2evolution is an evolution of b2 which was release under the GNU GPL license. Thus b2evo has to: . Be released under the GNU GPL. . Include only external libraries released under a license compatible with GNU GPL. Required technolog…

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You want to run b2evolution on a local computer (as opposed to a web server) for testing or for development. In that case, you will first need to set up your computer as a "mini" (local) web server, running PHP and MySQL.

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Your Php Ini? file should contain a setting for the time zone your server is in. If for some reason this is not set (poorly configured host) or if you want to force the default timezone used by PHP in b2evolution to a different value, you can set it in…

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If you get this error, it is most likely you recently changed something in a file. The error is often caused by added whitespace (space or line feed) *before* the first <?php or *after* the closing ?>. You can remove the error by opening the f…

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Comments can be elevated into a full blog post.

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