AdSense plugin for b2evolution

What is it?

The AdSense plugin for b2evolution lets you embed AdSense blocks into your blog posts... easily!

All you need to do is put the cursor where you want the AdSense block and click on the AdSense toolbar button. The plugin does the rest.

Additionally, the plugin will also make sure that you do not display too many AdSense blocks on your page. For example you can set it to expand a maximum of 2 ad blocks in the blog posts and have a 3rd one reserved for your sidebar.

How do I use it?

  1. Sign up for AdSense (if you haven't already done so)
  2. Obviously, you need to have the b2evolution blogging engine installed on your site. You may wish to download an up to date version here. b2evolution 2.0 and later comes bundled with the AdSense plugin.
  3. If you don't have it pre-installed, download the AdSense plugin (v 0.9.1) and unzip it into your /blogs/plugins folder. (This plugin works best with b2evolution version 1.10 or later.)
  4. If you don't have it pre-installed, install the plugin (through the General Application Settings -> Plugins)
  5. Edit any of your posts, put the cursor where you want the ad and hit the "AdSense" button in the toolbar (expert mode). If you don't see the button or if it doesn't work (happens on older b2evo versions), simply type [adsense:] into your blog post where you want the ad.
  6. Save and watch the plugin replace [adsense:] with an actual ad block!
  7. Of course, at this time the ad block is only a place holder. In order to get an actual AdSense ad in there, you must go to the plugin Settings and copy/paste your personalized ad code from the Google AdSense site.

Mini FAQ

Feel free to contact François with your questions about this plugin. We'll add the frequent ones here.

My post shows [adense:] instead the adsense block I've installed. How do I fix this?

First, try to add adsense to a new blog post. That should be very easy.

For older posts, you will have to switch to the Expert post editing mode and manually enable the Adsense plugin renderer in the Text Renders section at the bottom right of the screen.

How do I integrate AdSense into my sidebar / header / footer?

You just copy/paste the AdSense code from Google into your blog template.

The short answer is that the template is located in /skins/custom/_main.php

More info about skins & the main template »